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Whether you need outsourcing guidance, want help planning your content or need a little confidence boost, we've got you covered. Here is our growing collection of free guides and tools to help you unleash the power of content in your business.

#1: How to Outsource Content without Sacrificing Quality

Free Content Outsourcing GuideThis free guide takes you through understanding the importance of content, why creating all your own content isn't always in your best interest and how to find and manage talented writers.

We'll also help you spot quality content, so you know that your writers are doing a good job for you. You'll never run out of content idea either because we show you how to come up with endless ideas.

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This guide has been downloaded 6728 times and has been helping online business owners achieve more efficient and effective results through content marketing.


#2: Free Content Planning Tools

Your content marketing is only as good as your planning. Get a checklist, worksheet and mind map right here.

#3: 45 Ways Transcribing Your Audio and Video Content Can Grow Your Business

Find out why you should be transcribing your multimedia content and how to use transcription to expand your reach. We also share 15 ways you can repurpose your transcriptions into new content to grow your business. Get the transcription guide here.  

#4: 101 Content Marketing Tips

We've put together 101 of our best tips to help you plan and research your content, create content with confidence, and use social media and blogging to expand your influence.  Grab the 101 tips here.

#5: Get More Confidence to Write

If confidence is holding you back from publishing more ebooks, blog posts and other content, this is a must download guide. We've got 27 ideas on how to improve your confidence, making it easier to write and get the results you want. Download your confidence booster here.

We hope you find these resources helpful. If you need a hand with your content creations, just give us a shout. We'd be delighted to help.  

#6: Book Publishing Workbook and Checklist

If you're getting ready to publish a book, this checklist and tips might just come in handy. Get your workbook and checklist here.


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