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A Growth Opportunity for Freelance Writers

We are currently looking for talented and detail-oriented writers with an excellent command of the written English language.

Positions Available: Freelance positions ghostwriting articles, reports, ebooks and other content. We are also looking for writers to be able to rewrite transcriptions and other documents to put them in a useable format for end-users.

Potential for Growth: There may be future opportunities to become a Senior Writer or a Team Leader. Both positions include more available work and increased rates of pay.

Writing Skills & Qualifications: Please read through these qualifications to ensure this position is right for you.

  • Some Experience: It is not required that you have written as a professional or freelance writer for clients before. We are more concerned with quality writing and will ask you to conduct a writing exercise during the application process.
  • Research Skills: Your writing projects will, in some cases, require initial research and will be focused on topics easily searched for on the Internet. More technical writing will only be provided to you if you indicate you already have a knowledge base in that particular area.
  • Ability to Adjust Writing Style: The projects you receive will range from formal to casual writing styles. You must be able to adapt to those styles where required and outlined in each project description.
  • Ability to Learn Industry Jargon: Writing projects will be on a number of different topics. You don't need to understand all jargon prior to starting, but you will need to be able to research terminology or ask for help, when needed.
  • Nonfiction Writing Only: We are only looking for nonfiction writers to write and rewrite informational content. We are not looking for fiction writing at this time.

General Skills and Attributes You Must Have:

  • Detail Oriented: You will be responsible for editing and proofreading your work prior to submission and must pay close attention to details.
  • Be Willing to Accept Constructive Feedback: To provide the best service possible to our clients and in order to keep bringing you more work, you must be able to accept and adapt to the constructive feedback provided to you.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: As a freelancer, you will be in regular communication with your Team Leader who is responsible for timely and quality service delivery to our clients. Your communication must facilitate this process for your Team Leader.
  • Commitment to Quality Client Service: You must respect deadlines and complete projects that you accept from us.
  • Maintain Confidentiality: Client confidentiality is of utmost importance in working with All Custom Content. Any breach of confidentiality will result in the termination of your contract.

Important: Only apply if you meet the qualifications above as you will be asked to illustrate how you meet each qualification in the application process.

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What topics are you most comfortable with and do you most enjoy writing about (family, business, finance, health, etc.)?
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